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Truck Driving Jobs in Nashville, TN

Intermodal Cartage Company, Inc. (IMCG) opened its Nashville operation in 1985. Today, we are one of the largest intermodal trucking operations in the area but still remain locally owned and operated. That privilege allows us us to make decisions that have our driver’s best interests at heart. Our Nashville, TN container depot is open 24/7 for our drivers, so you can work when it’s convenient to you and get home to your family every day.

At our Nashville, TN location, our drivers have consistent freight. Company drivers make up to $62,000 a year and owner operators make up to $168,000 a year. If you’re ready to take the next step in your driving career in Nashville, TN with a company that wants to see you achieve your maximum earning potential, pre-qualify today with IMCG!

More Reasons Nashville Drivers Choose IMCG

  • Competitive Pay – Owner operators can make up to $168,000 a year, and company drivers can make $62,000 a year!
  • Safety Bonuses
  • Home Daily – Our family wants you to be able to spend quality time with yours.
  • Consistent freight to ensure your career is always in motion
  • Long-term Employment – Many of our drivers have been with us for years!
  • International trucks all less than three years old
  • 24/7 access to our depot for IMCG drivers
  • Our “MYTRUCK” program allows drivers to lease-purchase their very own truck
  • Truck parking with access to an on-site shop for maintenance and repairs
  • State-of-the-art technology


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I started with the company 25 years ago.  At first, I dealt mostly with the president.  In fact, that first year, the two of us made a pact to grow the business and grow gray hairs together.  I’ve been here ever since.  I like to pull my own weight and they do too.  The pay here is good.  I’ve raised three children on it and sent some to college.  And, the insurance is good too.  I am from Arkansas and they have given me dedicated routes in Arkansas, so I wake up at home every day and go to bed at home every night too.  I’ve been very happy with the equipment.  I’ve driven Mack Trucks and other brands, but the Internationals I drive now are the best.  They are comfortable – they are safe, they don’t rattle or squeak and they have great maneuverability.  I have always tried to do what’s asked of me as a driver, and at Intermodal Cartage, I’ve always been rewarded for that effort.

Clifford Jackson Company Driver Intermodal Cartage Company

One of the main benefits they offer is the ability to own my own truck. I paid off my first truck through the MyTruck program last year, and I am getting my second truck now. Other companies have a lease to purchase program, but it is not as valuable as Intermodal Cartage’s. Here, we get help with quality maintenance. One company I worked for provided no help with maintenance. For an owner operator, something as simple as a blowout can end up costing $5,000 – $20,000 out of pocket. So, having the MyTruck pool available to help with maintenance needs has been a lifesaver.

Chris Parks Owner Operator Intermodal Cartage Company

I like this company because I like my job and being home with my family every day.  I drive a dedicated route between Nashville and Memphis.  Every week when I get my check, I can see how much I’ve saved on fuel, and it’s a lot of money.  Our company fuel discounts save me about $200 each week!  I’ve been with Intermodal Cartage for about 5 years, and I know I’ll be here for 5 more or longer!

Juan Soto Owner Operator Intermodal Cartage Company

I’ve been driving trucks for 42 years.  In recent years, I became interested in how to save money on fuel.  My company provided some guidance on driving techniques to maximize my miles per gallon.  Now, I try to maintain a speed of 60-62 miles per hour.  And, if loads are in the 40,000 lb. range, I maintain a speed of about 55 to make sure my tires aren’t getting too hot.  As a result, I save about $150 each week in fuel costs alone.  Now and then, another driver will speed past me, but I just keep my cruise control set and take my time.  They might get there faster, but I’m going to get there safely and with a fatter wallet.

Vernon Barksdale MY TRUCK Driver Intermodal Cartage Company