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  • IMC Companies and Local IT Training Schools Collaborate to Address Skills Gap

    (photo credit Tech901)

    IMC Companies, a national leader in intermodal logistics, relies heavily on dedicated computing and technology systems and processes, creating a need for a trained IT workforce in Memphis.

    “When I joined IMC Companies as their CIO, I became directly responsible for the IT hiring process,” says Joel Tracy. It wasn’t until I made the move to a mid-sized business that I realized the difficulty in finding committed, well-rounded technical skills and talent. I found myself reevaluating what was important to my team when bringing in new members.”

    Historically, IT candidates may have needed a related undergraduate or graduate degree in order to pursue a career in IT, but IMC Companies finds there are equally important criteria.

    “In the case of IT, the technical knowledge and skills are just one-third of what makes up a successful individual’s career,” says Tracy. “Being able to understand others, and how teams and organizations work, is another third. The final third, the ability to holistically consider all aspects of work in order to achieve specific goals, also means the ability to consider the larger picture.”

    In recent years, IMC Companies has encountered more and more non-traditional IT candidates, many of whom have been trained at local training programs such as Tech901, CodeCrew, and Cook Systems’ FastTrack program.

    “These training programs are fast, effective, and get us the talent we need,” says Tracy. “They’re dedicated to connecting IMC Companies directly with the trainees, creating a path from education to employment.”

    IMC Companies has benefited greatly from using non-traditional methods to find local IT talent. “We have found that these team members, with their diverse backgrounds and experiences, are more valuable to the company than we could have ever anticipated,” says Tracy. “They’re knowledgeable, fast learners, creative thinkers – and they’re committed.” To read more, visit the Memphis Chamber of Commerce.

    Posted: March 16, 2020