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  • IMC Companies EVP Testifies Before U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation

    Donna Lemm, EVP of National Sales for IMC Companies represented the Agriculture Transportation Coalition (AgTC) and testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation at a hearing entitled Connecting America: Examining Intermodal Connections Across Our Surface Transportation Network. Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska, the Chair of the Transportation and Safety Subcommittee, conducted a multimodal hearing with representatives from railroad, intermodal, and AgTC.

    Lemm serves as an advisory board member for AgTC, the industry’s leading voice for U.S. agriculture and forest product shippers.

    During her testimony, Lemm commented that, “Agriculture and forest products constitute the largest segment of our country’s exports.” She went on to address the impact that bottlenecks in the supply chain have on these products by noting, “If we cannot deliver, affordably and dependably, to our customers in Asia, Europe and around the world, someone else will – and getting those customers back is nearly impossible.” Specific challenges Lemm addressed included major rail and port congestion; export container shortages; driver shortages; hours of service exceptions for agriculture; street turn fees; and chassis concerns with supply, quality, fair access “choice” and accountability. To read more, visit the Memphis Chamber of Commerce.

    Posted: March 20, 2019